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the wonderful story of a threads mixer

Delphine Kohler wanted to be an illustratof. But at 24-years-old, she spent one year in Africa that made her dive into materials and gave her her strong taste for colors and things handmade from scratch.


Delphine Kohler


vintage plastic accessories

Delphine discovers old coated cotton rolls, that date back from the 60s. She fells in love with their colors and various textures and begins to sew bag and pouches on her old Singer machine.

Quickly, she takes her first orders, and collections go by.


Facteur Celeste creation

Delphine decides to sign her work with the brand Facteur Celeste.

"Facteur" comes from the word "make" in French. Indeed, Delphine focuses on what is handmade. The adjective "Céleste" meaning "from the skies" brings some poetry to the brand.


the zori, the classy flip flop

During a trip to Japan, she discovers the "zoris" those ancestrous and sophisticated flip flops. She imports the bridles and assemble them in French Basque Country on differenciated soles (the authentic zori is the same for both feet).

Facteur Celeste becomes famous with these ethnical and classy flip flops.



the shop, in the center of Paris

When Facteur Celeste opens a shop in Paris, new values come up.

The brand get recognized for its ethics and takes part in the emergence of sustainable development. It highlights manual know hows and small artisans.

The exchanges with the public are really different from other shops : one can find DIY workshops, sewing or cooking classes, for both adults and children, exhibitions and concerts.


sustainable development

Delphine rethinks of the values she wants to bind with her work. She initiates a project of plastic bags recycling by women workshops.

This is when the NGO is created. Les Filles du Facteur, social face of the brand.


Facteur Celeste rushes forward

Well-known brands as Monoprix and Voyageurs du Monde choose the home and fashion accessories made in Burkina Faso. The projects goes on.


Elise Vanweydeveldt


the team enlarges

Elise Vanweydeveldt join in with Delphine and brings her her expertise. The 2 women are complementary and the adventures becomes the one of a duo.

Together and with the crocheting women that thrive with creativty, they durably give Facteur Celeste a future in a sustainable design world.



new materials

Even if they are far from disappearing, plastic bags are now banned from France and become rarer in Burkina Faso.

In order to maintain the workshops, Facteur Celeste mixes materials and brings back the old vintage plastic rolls, with which Delphine began as designer. Squares are cut and pearced to be linked with a plastic bag thread : la collection VINTAGE is truly a bridge between yesterday and today.

In la collection VITALE, the squares are made from PET bottles, assembled for a gorgeous transparency look.


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