our environmental commitments

collecting plastic bags

If, at first, the craftswomen collected the plastic bags themselves, Facteur Celeste now signed partnerships with women groups collecting plastic bags in their neighborhood.

Cleaned and sorted by colors, the plastic bags are then bought per kilo.

They are simply cut before being crocheted : no dying is needed, which explains the different colors the objects can take.

the impact on our collections

Until 2017, Facteur Celeste has been collecting plastic bags from individuals in France through the NGO Les Filles du Facteur. Since the plastic bags ban in France, we collect only in Burkina Faso.

This has an impact on our collections : in Burkina Faso, it is easy to find black and white plastic bags, but not so many colors.

It is now the end of our multicolor, since orange, yellow, green and blue become rare. Nevertheless, some brands like Monoprix chose to give us a few parcels of plastic bags they did not have the right to deal in their shops. 

Facteur Celeste took hold of their pink and red plastic bags, to add colors to the women's creations.


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